EDIFIER R101V 2.1 Channel Multimedia Computer Speakers High-quality Subwoofer

KSh 5,500

Supper Subwoofer The subwoofer is made of vertical cubic design.The medium density fiberboard material that helps keep the woofers still while resonating deep beats.Connect to your computer or any other device with the 3.5mm/AUX connector.Flip the switch on and immediately know when it is turned on with the green light indicator.   PS: The R101V Subwoofer support 220V – 240V ;50 – 60 Hz 65mA . Please take more care about it.  
Using a 4-inch wooferDesigned to create a good low-frequency effectAgnetically shielded protecting your monitors and TVs from warping effects 

Satellite Speakers
The satellite speakers included have 2-inch by 2 3/4-inch midrange drivers.In addition to the subwoofer, the satellite speakers are also magnetically shielded protecting the monitor or TV being used alongside them.PS: Satellite Speakers has 3.5 MM plug, Support connect to the devices without any other power supply can working well.
Function Brief1. Volume adjustment button ;2. Audio input ;3. Right channel ;4. left channel ;5. Power switch ;6. Power indicator light ;7. Audio output ;8. Connect 220V 50Hz AC ;